Collection: COFFRET ROSE

"Colorful Flowers" is committed to delivering a new way of expressing love and affection through our beautiful, timeless, and elegant Rose Box collection. Our stunning rose boxes are made up of real flowers, which are hand-picked from our farms. We use only the most iconic and classic varieties of roses that have been carefully selected to ensure they are always worthy of their special occasion.

Imagine the look on your loved one’s faces when they receive one of our rose boxes for a special occasion. They will be overjoyed and feel very special. There is nothing more precious than giving someone a gift that you have spent time and effort thinking about, and the Ainy Rose Forever Rose Store brings you exceptional options for the best rose box collection to choose from.

We have a classic rose box with seven or twelve roses in it. It’s a small size delicate box so you can place it on the desk or dresser.

We also have an acrylic rose box. It has been made with high-quality acrylic materials, so the box looks like glass and is not easy to break. And the roses inside are preserved in an everlasting way such that they will last for years! Truly this box is a great gift for your loved one!

Finally, we have a square rose gift box. It makes a perfect gift for your special someone!

Our exquisite rose boxes are made from real flowers and are available in various colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect way to express your admiration or love. The colors include yellow, red, white, and pink, so you can select the shade that is most relevant to the occasion. Our boxes are all 100 percent handmade and we use only real roses with no artificial materials being used in any of our products.