How Do Forever Roses Work?

How Do Forever Roses Work?

A beautiful bouquet of roses can easily bring a smile and love to your face and soul. Since ancient days, roses have been used for their powerful ability to change our moods even when no word is spoken. A bouquet of freshly cut roses can brighten up even the saddest soul, bring love to a lonely heart, and peace and hope to a broken heart. But roses, just like other flowers, are subjected to a natural process that makes them die off after a couple of days; unless you have Forever Roses. You have heard a saying that diamonds last forever, now roses can too.


For most people, roses count as the best gift they ever received or given because it is symbolic. Thus, they would want to preserve it as long as possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with a normal rose. But following many years of research and development, scientists working together with the best horticulturists in the world have been able to solve this problem with what is known today as Forever Roses. Now, the next time you gift your partner or someone you love a bouquet of freshly cut roses, you can count on them to last forever. With their beauty and sweet-smelling scent, Forever Roses are the best gifts that will last a lifetime, forever preserving the memories that you cherish the most. These roses are also known as infinity roses, eternal roses, and everlasting roses.



You probably have a lot of questions about Forever Roses if it is the first time you are hearing about them. That’s all right. For most people, it sounds like a dream come true to finally learn that they can have roses that last over many seasons without dying as other roses do. Thus, we usually get questions such as:


  • What are Forever Roses?
  • How do Forever Roses work?
  • Do these roses really last forever?
  • Are Forever Roses real flowers?
  • How much do Forever Roses cost?


It is really okay to have these questions. After all, you want to ensure that you are investing your hard-earned money in the right and quality product. Honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thus, we are more than happy to answer your questions in this article to ensure you are happy the next time you decide to buy roses for yourself or someone. So, keep on reading, there is a lot you will discover in this article.


What are Forever Roses?

Forever Roses are a special type of roses that have been harvested and treated with utmost care to preserve their natural beauty for many years.  What made them special is the way they are grown, treated, and preserved. This special process gives them a huge advantage over regular roses. Forever Roses are real roses. What this means is that you can have these roses in all their natural beauty with the added advantage of lasting forever.


Since Forever Roses became popular, many people had good things to say about these flowers. A lady known as Lydia confessed that since she received Forever Roses from her soldier boyfriend who is on a mission abroad, she never felt lonely again. The scent of these flowers always reminds her of the fond memories she shared with her boyfriend. In another story, a couple said placing these roses on a nightstand close to their bed has rekindled their sex life and made them more connected than ever.


How Do Forever Roses Work?

If this is your first time getting Forever Roses, you will feel like it is nothing less than pure magical; - the freshness, the bright colors, the scent, and their longevity all combined to give one a special feeling. The feeling is so good that most people do not believe that they are real roses - yet, they are real! The magic to these flowers lies in how they are grown, harvested, and preserved.


Forever Roses are mostly grown naturally in a controlled climate. This ensures that pests do not interrupt their growth process or introduce unwanted bacteria. Some of them are cultivated in the rich, volcanic soil in South America. Once they are ready, they are harvested and then put through a special science-backed preservation process that is made of all-natural, glycerine formula. It is through this preservation process that these flowers derive their beauty and age-defying ability.


During the preservation process, their natural scent is removed. This is a normal natural process for the preservation of flowers. However, years of research and development have made it possible for even a better scent to be added back. What is even more mind-blowing is that they can be dyed in different non-toxic bright and lively colors using a plant-based dying process to match your needs. Thus, there is a right color of Forever Roses for every occasion such as wedding, anniversary, or graduation gifts.


There are two types of Forever Roses - natural and artificial Forever Roses. The difference between them is as simple as their name sounds.  Natural Forever Roses cost between $20 and $100 depending on the type you order. They are typically more expensive and will require some care to preserve them forever. When you preserve them carefully, they can last as much as 3 years. It is recommended that you keep them in the box they came in, keep them away from sunlight, and avoid watering them. Artificial Forever Roses cost a bit lower and do not require as much maintenance as Natural Forever Roses. These roses can last forever.


What To Do With Forever Roses?

There is no limit to what you can do with Forever Roses. Based on our experience, most people now prefer Forever Roses to regular roses. Therefore, our number one recommendation is to think about these flowers the next time you are thinking about giving that special person a gift. What type of gift, you say? You can use them as birthday gifts, valentine gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, graduation gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, get-well-soon gifts, congratulation gifts, and so many more special occasions.  When you order them as a gift, they mostly come wrapped in special-designed gift boxes. In some cases, the company will help you to write a text to go with the gift and then ship it to any location you want.

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